So you feel at home

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    Hospice Services

    We have had a 20-plus year relationship with Hospice of Palm Beach County, a TrustBridge Company. We believe that those who require end-of-life care should be cared for with dignity and grace in a loving, comfortable, home-like setting. 

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     Our residents are served three meals daily plus tea time.

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    Assistance with daily showers, oral care, dressing and grooming.  

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    Doctor visits

    Monthly visits from our Doctor who accepts Medicare and Humana.

    The podiatrist comes every three months unless there is a need.

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    The pharmacy makes daily deliveries of medication and supplies. 

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    A licensed hairdresser comes weekly to do wash & sets, haircuts and perms at the client's expense. Our staff makes sure everyone looks nice each day. We are always happy to do wash & sets in between her weekly visits.

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